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ATX Somms is a public service organization committed to education and mentorship for beverage industry professionals in Austin, Texas. This group connects the community to resources, events, & opportunities and is inclusive of all passionate professionals seeking knowledge.


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Storica Wines Bev Class

Chris will take students on a dive into Aremenian Wines from Storica with tastings from Keush & Zulal. 

*Only 15 spots available*

The Stay at Home Somm

On March 20th, more than 3.3 million hospitality professionals were laid off in an effort to keep our communities safe. These professionals now rely entirely on unemployment to pay their bills and feed their families. This temporary project was designed to bring newly unemployed and Covid-affected Sommeliers around Austin directly to your home. Join us as we explore the world of wine with you one class at a time!

Austin Shift Meal

Ongoing Support for Hospitality Industry

You can visit to donate, volunteer or become a restaurant partner.