April 15, 2019 - 10:00 am
The M?connaisThe real origin of Chardonnay with Peter Wasserman

April 15, 2019 | 10am | Location: The LINE Austin (complementary valet)

Peter Wasserman was born in Philadelphia in 1964 and moved to Burgundy with his family in 1968. His
family rapidly became friends with top producers like Aubert De Villaine of Domaine de la Roman?e Conti,
Hubert de Montille, Guy Roulot and Charles Rousseau. Growing up in Burgundy meant the table was the
focal point and everyone dined chez Wasserman: Steven Spurrier, MW (Judgment of Paris); Anthony
Hanson, MW who wrote “Burgundy”, the seminal treatise on the subject; and Andr? Tchelichev, the
pioneering winemaker and int?l wine consultant behind some of world?s foremost wine estates were all part
of Peter’s childhood. Culinary luminaries like Richard Olney and The Troigros Brothers (Jean and Pierre)
were habitu?s so it was at the kitchen table where Peter learned how to properly taste and pair. He was
bilingual at five years old and very quickly became a mainstay at winery tastings, where he translated for

Peter moved to California to study at Brooks Institute of Photography. He was a filmmaker until 1996 when
he went to work for a prominent New York retailer as their Burgundy buyer. After several years in retail, he
began working with a small, New York based importer. In 2003, Peter re-joined the family fold at Becky
Wasserman & Co. as their USA based consultant. Peter is passionate about education and giving back;
along with partners Allen Meadows, Jasper Morris, Anthony Hanson and his brother Paul Wasserman, they
established a company that offers week-long intensive seminars on Burgundy.


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